County Limerick Beekeepers' Association

Micheál O'Callaghan

Micheál was a man of few words but what he said made alot of sense. "Leave the bees alone, they know what's best." was his guiding principle.

Being of few words, many of us knew little about him so we have his sister Sheila to thank for the following:

"Micheal qualified as a Chemical Engineer and worked with the Cork Gas Company for fifteen years before working with the Limerick Gas Company."

"His life was a very simple life. He had many hobbies but his first love was his bees and reading about them." Sheila tells us. "I do not know how he got interested in them first. He loved gardening and often spoke about the bees pollinating the plants. Maybe that was where his interest started. I do know he got our granduncle to make his first hive back in the fifties. After that he made them himself."

"He also liked reading Wild West books. He was very musical and was a good singer. He reached the top grade of the piano. He was very interested in the arts. He loved sketching and painting. When he retired he attended Art classes in the winter months. He also attended Creative Writing classes. He wrote some short stories. During the Summer he liked a few days in Ballybunion but only if his darling bees were OK.

The Micheál O'Callaghan Library

We are delighted to announce the creation of the Association Library which is dedicated to the memory of Micheál O'Callaghan who has very kindly bequeathed to us his collection of books.

Our librarian will be Paul Brennan to whom all inquiries should be directed. He has drawn up a document listing all the books in the collection and a request for further donations of books to the Library. A lending period is specified and normal conditions regarding proper care of the books and so on are laid down. Please click here for further information.